Why It Pays to Entertain Clients

It’s a well known fact that every business has a customer. The bottom line for many is that without their customers or clients they could not survive and as such they make every effort to not only keep their existing customers but to welcome new ones.Even the largest businesses in the world have a customer base which they need to retain in order to maintain their foothold in business.For many businesses, the services and goods they offer are essential and they take exceptional pride in ensuring that both elements are of the highest possible quality. In addition, many businesses also take the time to reward their clients or customers with corporate entertainment.This can take a number of forms. They may invite all of their customers to open days or events, or they may invite a select number to a special but more intimate event whereby that individual or group is dined and entertained.In recent years, corporate entertainment has changed. What was once a case of booking a table in a nice restaurant and footing the bill has now turned into a sleek operation where alternative and trendy forms of entertainment such as fire acts, stilt walkers and promotional models are used to give the clients an experience they’ll remember.There are a number of reasons why it pays to pull out all of the stops in order to provide corporate entertainment.The MemoryWhilst a nice meal used to suffice in order to win the affection of a client, many are now so used to being treated in this way that the meal becomes nothing more than a fleeting experience. However, the company who not only wowed the guest with the spectacle of human tables and fire acts but who took the time to plan something truly memorable is more likely to be the one who has customers left. This is because their event was memorable enough for the client to recall and replay the experience.LoyaltyAs the client is able to clearly recollect the entertainment they received, they will also see the person or company who provided that entertainment in a very fond manner. With any number of businesses all vying for attention from the same clients now, the one who is able to inspire loyalty in those customers is the one who will ultimately win their affection and in turn their long term spending.InvestmentMany companies find themselves unable or unwilling to hire male and female dancers or circus performers as they are constantly considering their budget. However, those businesses who do end up “winning” as the result of the entertainment they laid on are the ones who didn’t consider that their expenditure was a “dead” cost. They saw the money they paid for Christmas corporate entertainment as being an investment into the future health and prosperity of their business. In short, no business can succeed without customers, so the company who is able to retain theirs, even at a cost, will ultimately enjoy longer success.

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